Provisio365: Creating Office 365 Video Channels



There are multiple reasons why you migth want to create a video channel in Office 365 but are you aware that by default students can create channels and upload media to it.

Once you know this information you are keen to get those changes made and in a future post we will look at the “Build My Tenant” template which makes these changes and multiple of other Office 365 e-safety changes that we feel are required.

We designed this template to create your Office 365 channels with the right configuration for your staff and students.  If you are single school in your own tenant, when you create a new channel in Provisio365, we will set the permission so your all teacher group can upload videos to it while everyone else has the ability to read.  We will also not set commetting on these channels to save you the worry of managing these types of forums and posts.

If you are in a shared environment with multiple schools in a central tenant we will create the channel with your school name as a prefix but then set the permissions so only your teachers can upload and your pupils can view it.

As the requester of the video, you are added as an admin allowing you to change any of the permissions.

In the future, as Microsoft start to migration to Microsoft Steam, we’ll introduce the same setup to this new feature. We haven’t started yet as there is no developer story yet for Stream.

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