We are at #BETT2018


We are delighted to be back at #bett2018 and to demonstrate the great work we have done with Office 365 Education and our customers.


This year, we continue our partnership with Microsoft and BETT by being on the Microsoft Campus stand at E300 and have been asked to be part of the Ask Me area on the stand.

So what are we talking about, what is it we are demonstrating?

As always, we are still heavy on the Office 365 Education troubleshooting and configuration but we have some great tools for you to see.

The first we’ll be announcing soon, but think School Data Sync, automation and management – details to come soon 😉

We are also going to be talking about our cloud based provisioning solution we are calling Provisio365.  This allows you to manage your Office 365 Education, licensing deployment between faculty and staff, Teams, SDS, OneNote Class Notebook but come and take a look and see what we are doing or visit the website.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Why moving shared storage to the cloud/SharePoint Online


For 18 years I worked in the IT sector and for most of that I was dead fast against any documents being stored in the cloud. The reasons were varied:

  • Security
  • Backup
  • Auditing

Of course, back then some of these were probably valid reason but with the rapid developments in cloud based offerings those reason don’t really count any more.

Shared storage was and in some cases still is the norm when it comes to the storage of documents that are shared across departments or complete organisations. This storage does not come without a cost. There are the simple costs such as electric for powering the servers and the associated cooling and other services. Now add to that the cost of maintenance, and support services associated with those servers. The replacement of parts as they fail, the data may sit on associated NAS servers which require maintenance. You may even have an external support contract to ensure the continuity of service for your users.  All of this adds up.

As well as the cost of running local storage there are also the access issues. In their personal life’s our users access data in an on-demand culture. We watch TV on-demand from all sorts of devices. However, our work files are only available when we are connected to the same network that hosts the data.

Most of these barriers can be broken down with cloud storage. SharePoint Online can store documents with ease, it’s pretty much what it was built for. Once migrated all the data that was once only available from the business network is now available from anywhere you can get internet access.

But let’s revisit those three reasons for staying onPrem we had earlier in the article.


SharePoint Online can be as secure as you need it to be, only allowing users access to documents that they should have access to.

As for physical security, Microsoft data centres are among the most secure in the world.


While there is no Microsoft provided backup solution all your data is spread around the Microsoft datacentre limiting the risk to your data from any single physical server outage in the cloud.

You can backup using a third party tool if you really want to


Every action within SharePoint online can be audited. You can search these logs to find out who did what, when and to what file.

So, we have covered most of the technical reason for moving to the cloud but what about your user’s experience. Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online will provide your users with an outstanding experience. Office Online allows your users to open and edit documents in the browser from a multitude of devices including PC, tablets and mobile phones. Office Online also provides a collaborative approach that showcases the use of Microsoft technology in the cloud. Multi authoring allows for multiple authors to be editing the same document at the same time with real time chat in the same browser window.

And one final thing, all of this is free to education.

So when are you moving your data?

Author: Alan Richards (BFC Networks: Cloud Architect)

Provisio365: Creating Office 365 Video Channels



There are multiple reasons why you migth want to create a video channel in Office 365 but are you aware that by default students can create channels and upload media to it.

Once you know this information you are keen to get those changes made and in a future post we will look at the “Build My Tenant” template which makes these changes and multiple of other Office 365 e-safety changes that we feel are required.

We designed this template to create your Office 365 channels with the right configuration for your staff and students.  If you are single school in your own tenant, when you create a new channel in Provisio365, we will set the permission so your all teacher group can upload videos to it while everyone else has the ability to read.  We will also not set commetting on these channels to save you the worry of managing these types of forums and posts.

If you are in a shared environment with multiple schools in a central tenant we will create the channel with your school name as a prefix but then set the permissions so only your teachers can upload and your pupils can view it.

As the requester of the video, you are added as an admin allowing you to change any of the permissions.

In the future, as Microsoft start to migration to Microsoft Steam, we’ll introduce the same setup to this new feature. We haven’t started yet as there is no developer story yet for Stream.

Announcing – Provisio365 for Office 365 Edu


We are delighted to announce Provisio365 for Office 365 Education.  We have been in developing our new product now for over 12 months with trials up and down the UK and ready to bring it to general available.


We’ve heard from many of our customers that they want to do more with Office 365 Education and also help to control things better without having to learn code to deliver a better platform for the school or college. At BFC Networks we have taken all our knowledge of the platform to give you a single click experience to deliver you a better education solution in Office 365 Education.

Provisio365 is our new cloud based engine that will deliver the changes you want to your platform including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, School Data Sync and Office 365 services. Whether you want to prevent students from emailing externally, turn certain licenses off for faculty/students or build a shared drives solution, you can do it with just a single click.

BFC Networks were founded in 2007 and with our knowledge and experience of working with Office 365 we want to put more of our hidden skills into your hands to get more out of the education cloud platform allows you to do more and improve what you offer within your school.

We have also added MIS integration (using GroupCall XoD) to provide you with more features such as School Data Sync, provisioning of Office 365 Groups based on timetables and OneNote Class Notebooks. These are proving to be very popular with our customers who can save a lot of time and administrator within their IT and teaching staff.

Visit the Provisio365 website at www.provisio365.com