Happy Birthday BFC – 10 today


From our Director – Alex Pearce

“I remember sitting in the lounge at home thinking about a name for the new business when BFC was suggested and adding the Networks at the end to allow the business to move into any direction within IT. Looking back after 10 years and now our sole purpose is cloud based technologies I wonder what the name would be.

Over the past 10 years, many have asked what does BFC stands for and recently I’ve started saying ‘Born for Cloud’ but this wasn’t a buzz word at the time and what it really means will always stay close to myself and friends as it is a very fond child-hood memory of mine, something I would never forget with or without this business name.

BFC was formed to serve the education sector and as Microsoft technologies have developed and formed, the business has changed to ensure that we can offer the latest and greatest to whoever our customers are. Today we have been able to affect millions of teachers and students across England, Scotland and Wales with some impressive numbers that even surprise Microsoft when they look at our account. Some records show we have helped sell 63 million education licenses but that is the way of the free model from Microsoft.

As I sit here today and think about the last 10 years, it does make me wonder where it will be in 10 years time, what challenges will the education sector and Microsoft bring but what I do know is that we will continue to do our best, listen to our customers and give them exactly what they want to help improve their delivery of teaching and learning where-ever they are across the world.

To those who have worked and supported BFC across the last 10 years, thank you for your support then and into the future, here’s to another 10 years.”


Welcome to the new BFC Blog


We have an exciting number of months ahead of us at BFC Networks and we look forward to sharing these with our current and new customers about new product releases, case studies and updates to our products.

We felt we needed somewhere to share this exciting information and store them all in one central location so you can see everything we are up to….so welcome to the new BFC Blog.

Look out for a new newsletter going to you soon, Office 365 Educaiton news and also our soon to be announced new provisioning tool for Officce 365.