We are at #BETT2018


We are delighted to be back at #bett2018 and to demonstrate the great work we have done with Office 365 Education and our customers.


This year, we continue our partnership with Microsoft and BETT by being on the Microsoft Campus stand at E300 and have been asked to be part of the Ask Me area on the stand.

So what are we talking about, what is it we are demonstrating?

As always, we are still heavy on the Office 365 Education troubleshooting and configuration but we have some great tools for you to see.

The first we’ll be announcing soon, but think School Data Sync, automation and management – details to come soon 😉

We are also going to be talking about our cloud based provisioning solution we are calling Provisio365.  This allows you to manage your Office 365 Education, licensing deployment between faculty and staff, Teams, SDS, OneNote Class Notebook but come and take a look and see what we are doing or visit the website.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Announcing – Provisio365 for Office 365 Edu


We are delighted to announce Provisio365 for Office 365 Education.  We have been in developing our new product now for over 12 months with trials up and down the UK and ready to bring it to general available.


We’ve heard from many of our customers that they want to do more with Office 365 Education and also help to control things better without having to learn code to deliver a better platform for the school or college. At BFC Networks we have taken all our knowledge of the platform to give you a single click experience to deliver you a better education solution in Office 365 Education.

Provisio365 is our new cloud based engine that will deliver the changes you want to your platform including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, School Data Sync and Office 365 services. Whether you want to prevent students from emailing externally, turn certain licenses off for faculty/students or build a shared drives solution, you can do it with just a single click.

BFC Networks were founded in 2007 and with our knowledge and experience of working with Office 365 we want to put more of our hidden skills into your hands to get more out of the education cloud platform allows you to do more and improve what you offer within your school.

We have also added MIS integration (using GroupCall XoD) to provide you with more features such as School Data Sync, provisioning of Office 365 Groups based on timetables and OneNote Class Notebooks. These are proving to be very popular with our customers who can save a lot of time and administrator within their IT and teaching staff.

Visit the Provisio365 website at www.provisio365.com

Purchase Minecraft Edu in Office 365 from BFC Networks


BFC Networks are delighted to be able to bring you Minecraft Education Edition licenses directly to your Office 365 tenant.


Minecraft is one of the most famous and played games around the world by all generations with over 1.9 million YouTube Subscribers, 50 million Hour of Code Tutorials completed, 30,000 Education Community Profiles and all this on 18 different platforms.

Minecraft Education Edition brings many different aspects to the classroom enhancing the game to deliver more value to your lesson. Creativity, collaboration and problem-solving challenges students with tasks set by the teacher but also additional features help coding skills.

By allowing BFC Networks to be one of your Cloud Solution Providers we can deliver the license directly to you within minutes of receiving your purchase order whether that is 1, 30 or 100 licenses.

If you want to pilot with just a few users and then increase you license allocation later we can also do that so you can learn the product, build environments and complete staff training before purchasing your student licenses. This saving your licenses and money in the short term.

BFC Networks were one of five partners from around the globe who were part of a successful pilot to deliver Minecraft through CSP and we can now deliver this directly to your Office 365 Education tenant and Microsoft Education Store.

Available at £3.96 + VAT per year, get in touch and you could be using Minecraft Education Edition today.


Happy Birthday BFC – 10 today


From our Director – Alex Pearce

“I remember sitting in the lounge at home thinking about a name for the new business when BFC was suggested and adding the Networks at the end to allow the business to move into any direction within IT. Looking back after 10 years and now our sole purpose is cloud based technologies I wonder what the name would be.

Over the past 10 years, many have asked what does BFC stands for and recently I’ve started saying ‘Born for Cloud’ but this wasn’t a buzz word at the time and what it really means will always stay close to myself and friends as it is a very fond child-hood memory of mine, something I would never forget with or without this business name.

BFC was formed to serve the education sector and as Microsoft technologies have developed and formed, the business has changed to ensure that we can offer the latest and greatest to whoever our customers are. Today we have been able to affect millions of teachers and students across England, Scotland and Wales with some impressive numbers that even surprise Microsoft when they look at our account. Some records show we have helped sell 63 million education licenses but that is the way of the free model from Microsoft.

As I sit here today and think about the last 10 years, it does make me wonder where it will be in 10 years time, what challenges will the education sector and Microsoft bring but what I do know is that we will continue to do our best, listen to our customers and give them exactly what they want to help improve their delivery of teaching and learning where-ever they are across the world.

To those who have worked and supported BFC across the last 10 years, thank you for your support then and into the future, here’s to another 10 years.”


Welcome to the new BFC Blog


We have an exciting number of months ahead of us at BFC Networks and we look forward to sharing these with our current and new customers about new product releases, case studies and updates to our products.

We felt we needed somewhere to share this exciting information and store them all in one central location so you can see everything we are up to….so welcome to the new BFC Blog.

Look out for a new newsletter going to you soon, Office 365 Educaiton news and also our soon to be announced new provisioning tool for Officce 365.